​Store Ecommerce 

We pride ourselves in having everything you could possibly need for life and living at the best prices than anywhere else. Our access to Original Equipment Manufacturers and premium sellers gives us a wide range of products at very low prices. Some of our popular categories include electronics, mobile phones, computers, fashion, beauty products, home and kitchen, Building and construction materials and a whole lot more from premium brands. Some of our other categories include Food and drinks, automotive and industrial, books, musical equipment, babies and kids items, sports and fitness, to mention a few. 

To make your shopping experience swift and memorable, there are also added services like gift vouchers, consumer promotion activities across different categories and bulk purchases with hassle-free delivery. 

Enjoy free shipping rates for certain products and with the bulk purchase option, you can enjoy low shipping rates, discounted prices and flexible payment. When you shop on our platform, you can pay with your debit card or via KongaPay, which is a convenient and secured payment solution. Get the best of lifestyle services online. Don't miss out on the biggest sales online which takes place on special dates yearly.

IT Solution

We are IT Professional, IT Management, Maintenance & Support, In IT environment we solve every network infrastructure includes: Networking Hardware: Routers, Switches, LAN cards, Wireless routers, Cables, Networking Software: Network operations and management, Operating systems, Firewall, Network security applications, Network Services: T-1 Line, DSL, Satellite, Wireless protocols, IP addressing. bringing together IT and learning. optimizing workflows, etc.

We offer security solution. Alarm Installation and Monitoring - Custom security systems designed for your home or business, Electronic Monitoring- closed circuit, off-site security monitoring. We will analyze and advise you of your exposure. Security Consulting - Consulting services offered in a variety of specialized areas. Stadium Security - Crowd control, alcoholic beverage control, with the CCTV technology. In all these matters we think along with you.

Our digital signage solution are designed to be simple to use, easy to manage, and effortless to integrate with your other systems and databases. demmycole has a team of experts who are passionate about visual communications, and we’re here to ensure your digital signs fit your culture, infrastructure and budget. We’ll help you every step of the way – from concept to completion, and throughout the life of your digital signage system.


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